Lyrics as Poetry is a new print-only journal spotlighting the work of singer-songwriters, where lyrics can be appreciated on their own aesthetic merit along with personal notes from artists and journalists. Vol. 1 features 42 songwriters and 10 writers in a 70-page edition. Vol. 2 features 37 songwriters and 20 writers in a 100-page edition with original illustrations throughout. Both volumes are stocked in more than 30 bookstores in the U.S.


Vol. 2, "Time": looking back at the past or being in the present, living in the unknown or wondering about the distant (or not-so-distant) future. Features 37 songwriters’ lyrics, as well as annotations from each about their work. Additionally, 20 writers have contributed original entries spotlighting lyrics within that same theme.

Featured in Vol. 2: Courtney Marie Andrews, Katie Bain, Eve Barlow, Joe Bonomo, Misty Boyce, Cynthia Brando, Peter Broderick, Julie Byrne, Chris Cohen, Kevin Dickerson, Ciara Dolan, James A.M. Downes, Wesley Randolph Eader, Shelby Earl, Emily Elbert, Piers Faccini, Matthew Fountain, David Glickman, Graham Stone Music, Mark Guarino, Steve Gunn, Robert Ham, Lilly Hiatt, Erik Hayden, Kaleb Horton, Vrinda Jagota, Casey Jarman, Azniv Korkejian, a.k.a. Bedouine, Eric J. Lawrence, Shannon Lay, Jesse Malin, Jules Moore, Kevin Morby, Nick Mulvey, Evie Nagy, Kari Newhouse, Sara Noelle, Jenny O., Spencer Owen, Doe Paoro, Angela Parrish, Glen Phillips, Silver Torches, Matthew Singer, Courtney E. Smith, red steppes, Astrid Swan, Jennifer Swann, Jesse Sykes, Sharine Taylor, Tobias the Owl, Liz Tracy, The Weather Station, Myke Wilken, Jess Williamson, Carl Wilson, Chelsea Wolfe.


Vol. 1, "Space": openness and nature's expanse, emotional resonance or physical distance (cosmic, too!). Includes the lyrics of 42 songwriters and original prose by 10 writers.

Featured in Vol. 1: Joseph Arthur, Nicole Atkins, Ali Blake, Megan Brickwood, Trey Brown, Pamela Des Barres, Gary Calamar, Dean Clark, James Combs, Aaron Couch, Cygne, Danielle DeCosmo, Karen Dezelle, Kevin Fallon, Kevin Lee Florence, Lisa Hannigan, Danny Goldberg, Erik Hayden, Andy Hermann, Kari Howard, Gregory Alan Isakov, Nick Jaina, Maura Johnston, Kylie Kempster, Steve Kempster, Spencer Kornhaber, Kristine Leschper, Ken Layne, Sara Lov, Jeffrey Martin, Sara Noelle, Nanda Mazza, Robbie McDonald, Tamara Laurel McGuckin, Mimicking Birds, Peter Mulvey, Alexi Murdoch, Sara Noelle, Meg Olsen, Arum Rae, Lia Rose, Mark Sadek, Erin "Syd" Sidney, Peter Su, Deb Talan, Nathaniel Talbot, Anna Tivel, Fletcher Tucker, KC Turner, Suzanne Vallie, Ian Webber, Henry Wolfe, Rachael Yamagata.

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“The magazine’s cover evokes classic book designs with its playfully elegant typography, gently extending out of the frame – as though it were a melody that accompanies you even after the song has stopped playing.” - magCulture

"The idea here is to offer a far-distant oasis from the cluttered layout of song-lyric pages on the web, as well as afford lyrics the equivalent of a proper gallery-viewing space for paintings. It works." - Adweek

“Apropos of the journal’s title, songs are formatted like poetry and intended to be read as such, providing the reader with a new angle from which to interact with work from a roster of artists.” - American Songwriter

“Lyrics as Poetry: an Interview with: Sara, Erik and Justin.” - The Hellebore

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