Lyrics as Poetry is a new journal spotlighting the work of singer-songwriters, where lyrics can be appreciated on their own aesthetic merit in a beautifully designed print-only edition. Vol. #1, "Space," available for purchase here and in stores, features the lyrics of 42 songwriters and original prose by 10 writers, who have written about a song whose lyrics have resonated with them. (Vol. 2 coming soon.) 


Songwriters: Joseph Arthur, Nicole Atkins, Ali Blake, Megan Brickwood, Trey Brown, Gary Calamar, Dean Clark, James Combs, Cygne, Danielle DeCosmo, Karen Dezelle, Kevin Lee Florence, Lisa Hannigan, Gregory Alan Isakov, Nick Jaina, Kylie Kempster, Steve Kempster, Kristine Leschper, Sara Lov, Jeffrey Martin, Nanda Mazza, Robbie McDonald, Tamara Laurel McGuckin, Mimicking Birds, Peter Mulvey, Alexi Murdoch, Sara Noelle, Meg Olsen, Arum Rae, Lia Rose, Mark Sadek, Erin "Syd" Sidney, Peter Su, Deb Talan, Nathaniel Talbot, Anna Tivel, Fletcher Tucker, KC Turner, Suzanne Vallie, Ian Webber, Henry Wolfe, Rachael Yamagata.

Writers: Aaron Couch (The Hollywood Reporter), Pamela Des Barres (I'm With the Band author), Kevin Fallon (The Daily Beast), Danny Goldberg (In Search of the Lost Chord author), Erik Hayden (The Hollywood Reporter), Andy Hermann (L.A. Weekly), Kari Howard (Nieman Storyboard), Maura Johnston (Boston College), Spencer Kornhaber (The Atlantic), Ken Layne (Desert Oracle).