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“Ultimately Lyrics as Poetry is a simple idea done very well, as all good things generally are.” — magCulture

"The idea here is to offer a far-distant oasis from the cluttered layout of song-lyric pages on the web, as well as afford lyrics the equivalent of a proper gallery-viewing space for paintings. It works." - Adweek

“Apropos of the journal’s title, songs are formatted like poetry and intended to be read as such, providing the reader with a new angle from which to interact with work from a roster of artists.” - American Songwriter

“The magazine’s cover evokes classic book designs with its playfully elegant typography, gently extending out of the frame – as though it were a melody that accompanies you even after the song has stopped playing … Scattered through are memories of songs and their lyrics from famous writers. Each one is a little vignette into a particular memory or moment, and the powerful ways that music and songs can influence the way we remember things.” — magCulture

“An Interview with Erik, Sara and Justin.” — The Hellebore